My interest in craft beer began in 2002 while living in upstate New York. Saranac (F.X. Matt Brewing) and Brewery Ommegang were two breweries in particular, that really opened my eyes, along with a few Michael Jackson books. A friend of a friend was an assistant brewer for the latter of those two breweries, and helped me get a job there working in the retail shop and offering tours. I have been a beer nerd ever since. Along the way, I have visited countless breweries, tasted countless brews, made a few of my own, and in 2013, began a short lived blog called Blahg Kabin, that included two articles heavily focused on beer.

I enjoy many styles of beer, and over time, I have become increasingly frustrated with the widespread disregard for everyday brews. Begun in 2018, the purpose of Casket Beer is to shine light on these styles of beer and the people who make them. I also contribute at PorchDrinking.com.

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